Rose Pattern Saddle

Restored rose pattern saddle

I loved working on this saddle. I really like the rose tooling. The history: This was hand crafted for the Sears and Roebuck Co. catalog by the Utahn Saddle Company in Vernal Utah. The Utahn name came about because the saddle maker wanted the name of his state as part of his company’s name, but Utah doesn’t allow the state to be in company names, so he put an “n” at the end.

The Saddle was completely tooled but not completely dyed under the foam seat that ripped apart. I think it was an after-thought on the part of the client to put a foam covered seat on top of the already tooled saddle seat. So the saddle maker only stained to the foam cover, leaving a partial undyed tooling and undyed seat. I was so excited when the dye matched and enhanced the saddle seat. Prayers answered!

The rose tooled saddle was probably a ladies saddle. It was very well cared for and in excellent condition to be a good using saddle today.

top view of rose pattern saddle before restoration
side view rose pattern saddle before restoration
Side view rose pattern saddle after restoration
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